Wednesday, June 3, 2009

BBA Challenge #4 Brioche (Brioches a Tete)

BBA Challenge #4 was Brioche, and we could choose any of the 3 classes (Rich, Middle, or Poor Man's) and since I had made the Poor Man's version before, I decided to go with the Rich Man's version this time.  I made just a half recipe, since I planned on making the Middle Man's version later in the week, but unfortunately ran out of time before scuba certification weekend took over!

I was using premium butter for this, since it's the main flavour ingredient in this brioche, and I absolutely loved it.  While I was mixing the dough, I really wasn't sure how it was going to come out with such a high percentage of butterfat in the formula.  I did the initial mix with the paddle, but switched to the dough hook when I saw the dough begin climbing the paddle and head towards the inner workings of the machine (gross).  It visually looked like a very high hydration dough, probably because PR calls for the butter to be at room temp.  The dough had really wonderful elasticity though, and once I put it on a baking sheet to retard overnight, it definitely firmed up.

Forming the Brioches a Tete was a little bit of a challenge, because even just rolling the divided pieces into balls melted some of the butter and caused the dough to turn super sticky again.  I guess you just need to work as quickly as possible!  I did the method where you form a ball and then pinch a small blob part-way off, and then smush it back down (yup, that's the technical term for it).  I also baked mine in muffin tins since I couldn't splurge on the traditional fluted molds, but they still turned out really well.

It was like eating a cloud of butter! So amazing.  I'll probably make the Middle Man's version soon, just for fun and for french toast since we didn't get to have that last week.  DF and I spent zero time in the kitchen over the weekend, since we were so worn out from the dive weekend.  I did make bread pudding yesterday... That post is coming up!

And for anyone wondering why I didn't post for BBA #3, it was because I really dislike PR's bagel recipe, and even though I did it by the book, it was still a fail.  It's not the first time this recipe has failed for me, but it will probably be the last time I make it! :)


  1. I just finished brioche too! Made rolls and an almond filled ring! It was like eating Buttah! All your breads look amazing...I am going to make the Cuban Bread as soon as I get home!! Thank you! Happy Baking - Jenn @ Pete Eatemall

  2. aww, your brioche look so cute. I'm making mine this weekend, but will probably just do loaves... contemplating a chocolate swirl in one though!

  3. They are SO very tasty looking. Great job.