Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Baguette and a Boule

The baguette was bred from roughly the same baguette dough as before, but without the addition of the starter and with a little extra rye flour.  I'll put the formula below, since it's pretty easy to remember.  I think we ate the entire first baguette before they finished cooling completely!  The crust was very thin and turned out kind of chewy but still a little crisp.  It was really interesting.

The boule beside it is my standard enriched sourdough recipe which uses milk and a little bit of butter.  Not sure if I've posted that yet or not, but I'll get around to it soon if I haven't :)  I was trying a different kind of slashing on it, trying to get it to rise taller instead of wider, but I think the dough was cold and it didn't open up as much as I'd have liked.  Oh well, it's always a work in progress :)


450g all-purpose flour
50g rye flour
350g water
4g instant yeast or 5g active dry
10g kosher salt

Method is the same as my other post on baguettes.  I did try giving it a 45min autolyse without the salt, but I find that adding the salt later- it never fully dissolves into the dough.  I think it's fine to go ahead and add it at the beginning.

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