Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sourdough French Bread

I love sourdough.  It is quickly becoming one of my favourite things to make because it DOES take a long time and it leaves me tons of time to practice in between ferments and folds.  This particular loaf of bread was intended to be plain old french bread, and I was going for a nice open crumb on it (see the big holes?).  The crust was a little lighter than I wanted it to, but it had already baked for 50 mins and I was worried it was going to start darkening too much on the bottom.

Unfortunately, I didn't jot the recipe down right after I made it, so I can't tell you exactly, but it all started with about 1c mature starter, 3 c bread flour, 1TB salt, and water (which I can't remember how much of!).  I remember it was a higher hydration dough than I had previously attempted, though.

If you're interested in the recipe, I could probably come up with one that was close....

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  1. It's nice coming home to fresh baked bread almost every day. But we're running out of people to share it with, my dear Penguin!